$750.00 USD

Back in the early 2000's, when I was climbing the ranks as a young director, I was signed to various production companies. At which, were some of my all time favorite music video and commercial director's. These were filmmakers whom I had spent years admiring and studying their work on TV, and now we were on the same roster together. I thought I had hit the big time being in such close company as my idol's, but at first it was to no avail. My body of work was limited and subsequently I didn't book a single job for the first year or so. Yes, my portfolio got recognition from production companies, which was nice, but I was losing all the jobs to director's who had a significantly more robust reel, and who were far more seasoned than I was. The solution was simple... I needed to gain large scale, set experience. So that's exactly what I did.

I made it my job to reach out to all the producer's I knew, asking them what jobs they had coming up and where they were shooting. I visited sometimes two film set's a day. For hours on end, I sat in the back and absorbed everything as if my brain were a sponge. I studied how the director's overcame stressful moments, how he/she interacted with crew and clients to get their vision across. I learned the methodology of it all. It did't take long until I was being asked by the director's to sit with them and learn up close.

In due time I started landing some lower budget jobs. The key for me was making my low budget gigs look like they were big budgets so that my reel would be more impressive in order to book the actual bigger budget jobs. This strategy paid off immediately. Only after a few gigs my updated reel was reaching the higher up meetings and I was being considered for the bigger ticket artist's. I only and strictly developed this ability as a result of being on film sets watching my mentor's working in their element. The knowledge I gained by watching these masters of their craft was and still is invaluable to me. I constantly draw upon those experiences to this day.

For this reason, I'm excited to offer you the same practical experience I received early on in my training. I'm going to bring you into my process. To be on set of my next music video learning first hand, up close and personal, from me. What you will learn will be limitless. Consider it a 4-year film school blended into 14 hours. This I know, because I've been there.

It's important to remember that I'm not soliciting for extra crew members. The intention behind this apprenticeship is for you to be void of any duty other than carefully studying the inner workings and creative processes that are all taking shape to deliver one common vision.

Please review the POLICIES page under ON SET APPRENTICESHIP for more details.