$750.00 USD

Many years back I found myself wanting to rekindle my love for photography as a result of my motion work becoming so entangled. I was craving a more intimate way to stay visually creative in between directing jobs and I already had a leg up in music, so music photography was a no brainer. Of course, like many artist obsession's this idea quickly turned into a sub-career with a whole new set of doubt's and insecurities to manage. However, because it was fresh to me I took this challenge head on by charging straight through the creative process. The shackles were off and I was free to roam and explore. It was in this discovery process that I defined the style of photography I capture today.

In hindsight it seems as though I was seeking the polar opposite experience that my motion work was giving me. It was imperative that my photography be stripped down and candid. A catch lightning in a bottle approach rather than being in a tightly scripted environment. I guess in a way, I wanted less chef's in my kitchen or to remove as many outside distraction's as possible so that I could collaborate one on one with my subject. It became more personal this way and the photos reflected such. It became more about creating photos that fans and artists themselves wanted to hang on their walls verses feeding the marketing machine. Something of a timeless nature. In my opinion if it's good enough for someones wall as art, then its's ripe for an album packaging or magazine. This became my mantra.

For me, photography at its' core is about the process. And by process, I am referring to the photographer's unique, yet specific way they go about capturing the images they do. From the mood they set, the conversations that are being had just before snapping a fleeting moment, to the manor in which the subject is put at total ease as you steal a piece of their soul. I call it "MOJO". A photographer's mojo seeps into the hidden cracks the subject didn't know they had, and exposes something exciting and new. Mojo captures the essence of your subject without them aware that a camera is even there. The technical and trigger finger part is the easy stuff.

I believe every photographer has their own creative process that allows them to capture that unique element in their work. It's what separates us. Everyone's process is different. The trick is recognizing you have a process in the first place, then to listen to that process over and over again until it becomes second nature. It's here you will unlock your potential and more specifically your photo style will begin to take shape.

It's with great joy that I offer you the opportunity to join me on my next photo shoot. I want to bring you into my creative process to show you the secrets I use and the steps I go through to capture the images I take.

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