$100.00 USD

30-min - $100.00
60-min - $200.00

I believe many artists reach a point in their career where they desire to pay it forward and share their coveted secrets. They want to give back knowledge and experiences gained through decades of navigating constantly changing trends in an industry so fickle you're here today, gone tomorrow. My journey to now has been one hell of a wild ride. Chop full of up's and down's with my up's soaring higher than I could have ever dreamed and the down's having me so low I doubted whether I had the skills or know-how to succeed in this business.

Nevertheless, if there's one thing I've learned in my 20+ year career as a director and photographer, is that there are no rules. Nor a clear road map to achieving your end goals. However, there is quality guidance and trusted wisdom that can be obtained that will no doubt help your career path advance towards the jobs you ultimately see yourself doing.

With that said, I'd like to personally share my trade secrets and vast experiences with you in the quest to provide vital industry insight that will assist you through any issues you may be facing as an aspiring image maker and/or help elevate your work to the next level.

I'm stoked to be offering virtual consultations via zoom or phone. I'll be available for 30 min or 60 min conversations specifically relating to photography and film. Below are some topics I am often asked, that we can dive into but are certainly not limited too:

Gear recommendations (pro's & con's)
Visual Tone
Color Grading
Portfolio or website review
Writing treatments for music videos
Preparing shot lists
Agent vs no agent
Breaking through
Acquiring clients
Guidance on business dealings and contracts
Getting more money for jobs

Needless to say the 30-min session will be best for shorter, more pin point issues such as gear (pro's & con's), portfolio review. Whereas the 60-min session would allow for a more robust session with an all encompassing conversation about portfolio review, business dealings and situational business advice, etc.

* Please review the POLICIES page under 1-ON-1 CONSULTATION for more details.